How It Works

Once you begin the meal replacement weight loss program, you'll start feeling better almost immediately—less bloated, more energy, better moods. But you'll also notice dramatic improvement in health issues such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, back or knee pain, arthritis, even Type II diabetes.

This program is a great choice if you...
  • need to lose a lot of weight, even 100 pounds or more
  • are stuck and can't seem to lose weight
  • need quick results because of health, social or personal concerns

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It's So Easy, You'll Be Amazed

Got Water?

The Meal Replacement products come in individual packets that you mix with water to create a great-tasting, instant meal.

Product options include several flavors of cold shakes as well as soups, oatmeal, hot cocoa and protein bars.

Program Options

You can choose between a plan that includes one meal a day or a complete program with only nutritional products, no regular food. You don't have to go anywhere to participate in this meal replacement plan. Instead, your products and supplies are shipped directly from the manufacturing company warehouse to your home or office. Click here for Program Choices.

FREE Support Program

Once you begin the plan, you'll have access to Mary Jane Medlock as your private personal weight loss health coach and advisor throughout your entire program including maintenance. Click Here for Free Support Plan.

This telephone and email support service is absolutely free. Click here for more details.